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"I am impressed with Josh’s training skills. In less than an hour, I saw a noticeable improvement with my Samoyed. I have had dog trainers in the past but many required extensive and fairly complicated techniques in resolving the problem, for this reason,
I liked especially the simplicity and practicality of Josh’s techniques, which helped me be more consistent.
Josh obviously has extensive knowledge of dog behavior, which helped me to have
a better understanding of my dog’s behavior."

~ Nigel


I was always an animal lover and started my career as a trainer with horses for 10 years,   My mother is the founder of Animatch, a non-profit organization, adoption center for dogs that started in 1999, as a child I grew up involved with this organization and stayed highly involved through the years. Now certified dog trainer with canine education I love to help rehabilitate our rescue dogs for different behavior problems and basic training as well as help them have a good transition to their new home.


I am passionate about learning and the field of education. I fell in love with dog training when working with my first puppy, Loki. Transferring my passion for learning, as well as the skills I developed in the education field to become a dog behaviorist, was a unique challenge and opportunity that I could not pass up. I believe that passion allows for growth. In this business, we are always learning and adapting because of that passion. No puppy, breed or situation is the same. We care about our clients as much as the animals we train. If you want the best experience working with your pet, then you will no doubt find that success working with me and Canine Education!

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I have been working with Canine Education for nearly two years, and have helped train nearly 100 dogs. I’m a lifelong pet-owner, and I’ve recently switched careers to dedicate myself to my dream of working with mans best friend. My past times include being involved in advocacy work, training, nutrition, and protection from abuse for dogs all over Montreal. I’m a strong believer in the necessity for balanced training and behaviour modification techniques for both owner and pet. I’m a devoted trainer and committed to ensuring that all my clients have the tools they need to create balance and peace in their home.

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I’m an avid animal lover, and have taken my love for dogs and started my own training venture. I’m certified by the Académie Canine Incorporated and have helped dogs of all shapes and sizes become more well rounded pets to man’s best friend. Certified with the Canadian Dog Trainers Association.
For a more detailed look at Josh’s portfolio, please visit the Testimonial and Success Stories sections of this website.