Micah (my female,Siberian Husky) & I formed a close bond with Joshua on our very first meeting.

Joshua came out to the house to evaluate Micah, a 3 year old, recently adopted from the SPCA with major behavior issues which she had developed from her previous two homes.

Hi Josh,

It was a real pleasure meeting you last week. I appreciate the time you spent with me and Gypsy. 

As you know, I've spent the last 2 years trying different things on my own to curb Gypsy's barking - without success. The techniques you taught me in just 90 minutes were not only simple and miraculous, but powerful and a great success.

It took less than 2 days of working with my sweet but stubborn 10 year old MinPin to get her into a much calmer and obedient state. Of course the work is ongoing but I never expected to see results so quickly 

Gypsy now waits for an invititation before being allowed on the furniture. She barks only once and heeds my command immediately to stop barking. 

Thank you for being our miracle.

Annette & Gypsy

February 2012
We are just finishing up our training sessions with our two dogs: a 3 1/2 year old husky/Sheppard mix and a 2 1/2 year old black lab. The changes in our dogs is nothing short of miraculous!
When we called Josh, we were quite honestly at the end of our ropes! Our dogs had always loved play "fighting" but in November, the "fighting" had escalated into something much more. It had gotten to the point where it required one of us to step in and physically separate them. Twice the fights had resulted in blood shed. We knew that we had to do something. We were considering having to give away one of our dogs. Even the thought of giving one of them away was devastating!

May 2012

Dec 2011

We decided to try to find a trainer. I called quite a few but I hadn't been able to find what I was looking for. We were getting discouraged again. By sheer luck, I came across Josh's business card and decided to call. I have never been so happy to have followed that hunch! Five minutes into our phone conversation, I knew I had found the right person to help! His quiet confidence and understanding actually gave me hope that we would be able to keep both dogs and we hadn't even met him yet!
I began to see results after our initial consultation. He gave us the confidence and the tools we needed to address the dominance issues between our dogs. Since we started, we have not had one fight. We can now easily walk our dogs without having our arms tugged out of their sockets. The difference has been incredible.
I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend Josh to anyone who is having issues with their dogs. He has been a phenomenal trainer! We can`t thank him enough for bringing back calm to our home!
Linda, Brian and Zack Gillim

Peanut, a 4 year old Chihuahua came to us in January.  We knew from the start the he had a problem with him marking his territory indoors.  We thought we could solve the problem on our own.  We soon discovered we were ill equipped and unable to help our small friend on our own. I am grateful that we were referred to Josh.  We decided to have Josh come to our home, which he did. In coming to our home Josh was able to get to know peanut and us on a one on one basis as he took the time to do so.  I think that is the reason why we were able to get the situation under control in a timely manner.  Also this allowed Josh to make solid suggestions that we started to follow right away and also advice on how to maintain a well behaved dog. Since we invested the time and the effort with Josh’s observations and suggestions we have a dog that we enjoy and look forward to spending many years to come with. 

Thank you Josh,


Alan & Ann

June 2012

July 2011

After a 1hr lesson, Josh was able to help us correct our 1 1/2 yr old pomeranian's barking. We can now proudly walk her without her barking and pulling towards people. When we invite friends over to our house, she is a lot more calm and doesn't bark when they knock at the door and when they enter. Josh is a great trainer, he really helps teach you the right tools to correct your dog's behaviour. He has a lot of knowledge about different breeds and is very patient and understanding. We highly recommend him!

Adam & Andrea

Let me tell you, prior to the training, these two would be jumping all over each other and we would not be able to leave the parking lot!It is such a relief knowing that I have control over my dog.  The puppy training was great, but the Base 1 training really helped me learn the tools to ensure that Pepe continues to be a balanced dog outside of the home.  I have the reassurance that my dog will stay and come on demand, despite the distractions of other dogs and people. Raising a dog is a lot of work, but the experience is so much more enjoyable and fun when you are dealing with such a passionate, experienced trainer. Josh, we cannot thank you enough! You have played such a pivotal role in fulfilling my dreams of having a balanced and obedient dog! Pepe and my family are so happy and forever grateful to have worked with you! You have been absolutely amazing! ​

Hessam and Amanda

My husband and I have been working with Josh from Canine Education for just over a month now. We have 3 beautiful and loving mastiffs; a Bullmastiff, Roxy and 2 Dogue de Bordeaux aka French Mastiffs, Payton and Lola.

From the very first conversation with Josh you can feel the passion he has for dogs. He has never dismissed any concern or question and has always taken the time to provide clarity whatever the situation may be.

We wanted help in breaking Roxy and Payton of some…ahem… bad habits ;). Josh took the time to learn about our concerns and goals and  put together a customized package at a very good rate. Payton is already 100lb at only 9 months old and with Josh’s help and a good mix of correcting and positive reinforcements a few short weeks later we enjoy walking him again! Guest in our home notice a much calmer & balanced reaction from our pups and seeing the results from your efforts is  definitely the best feeling!

I truly respect and believe in his methods; calm, consistent and both vocal and physical reinforcement. We have already recommended him to friends and have already decided to continue on to complete Base 1 with Payton and the Puppy Course with our little Miss Lola!

Morgan & Chris

One day during our weekly outing at the dog park, I encountered the “perfect dog”, an 8-month-old German Sheppard pup. She embodied my vision of the dog of my dreams. As Riley was running wild, I approached the owner of this “perfect dog” and asked her what was her secret. She immediately mentioned Josh and how amazing he is. I have a very hectic schedule, working full-time and doing my bachelors degree part-time. I’m not able to commit to a weekly puppy class. She reassured me that Josh has a flexible schedule and will coordinate his schedule accordingly.

During our first class, Josh gave me some tips for crate training. That night, Riley slept through in her crate without making a sound…I was truly impressed. After every session, Riley slowly blossomed into my image of the “perfect dog”. She listened to my commands, stopped biting and didn’t try to jump on the couch. There’s no dog Josh can’t handle. Like he says, he loves challenges. Josh made me realize that Riley was the “perfect dog” all along. I was the one who needed training and comprehension.

I can’t thank Josh enough for his patience, kind words and professionalism. He is passionate about his work and very knowledgeable.

Today I’m glad to say that I’m the proud owner of that “perfect dog”. Do yourself and your dog a favor and contact Josh to have a blissful companionship with man’s best friend.     


May 2012

May 2012

​After having completed puppy training with Josh, it was an easy decision to move forward with Base 1.  Once again, my husband and I are ecstatic with the results!  It was always a dream of mine to learn how to have a dog heel for the entire walk. I can proudly say that our little Pepe heels for his full one hour strolls! Josh also knew how important it was for a good friend and I to have our high energy dogs walk calmly together, without jumping all over one another thinking it’s time to play.  Josh was so kind and agreed to incorporate Pepe’s friend, a Lab/Bernese X into the training. I can now confidently walk the two of them together, both heeling at my knees!  This is such great progress!

August 2012

Canine Education

Nov 2011

Joshua has helped immensely with this high spirited, dominant pet of mine, using the ``Positive Reward Training Methods``. Micah needed a lot of obedience training, but the most difficult problem to deal would be her uncontrollable, aggressive behavior when among other dogs, …. but somehow, in the group classes, in Joshua`s presence, she is a different dog, truly remarkable, I could not believe the change in her, she became calm and relaxed.

His gentle, calm nature and innate sense of understanding the issues and communicating with dogs (and the owners) makes training classes a pleasurable experience for all involved, everyone is at ease and corrections are done in a ``respectful manner`` (Joshua`s words).

Joshua is definitely an exceptional dog handler, he instills confidence (in owner & dog), dependable, always available for assistance….. someone we can count on.

Thanks to Joshua, Micah is not such a wild & crazy husky, but a lovable pet dog that can heel nicely on her leash.

Former & future students,

Mary Jane Prenovost & Micah

In just one hour, Josh was able to train our hyper wheaten pup Nala to not jump up on people. I have nothing but positive things to say about this young and talented trainer. He is professional, has an extensive base of knowledge on dog behavior and psychology and does an excellent job as acting as a communicator between dog and owner. With a simple yet effective approach, I was amazed at the immediate results I saw from just one hour of training.  Nala was honestly a different dog before and after!

Thank you so much Josh.  

Natasha Hayat 

p.s. it's so refreshing to meet people who are passionate about what they do! keep it up josh...your an inspiration.

Oct 2011

January 2012

In the comfort and convenience of your own home

We just completed our puppy training package with Josh and I must say that my family and I have been blown away by Josh’s patience, dedication and passion for his work. Our Pepe is a smart and testy little guy but Josh showed us how to correct and work through the challenges of raising a puppy.  By giving us practical and theoretical training, we are now able to raise our dog confidently as pack leaders should.

It’s clear that Josh loves what he does.  We were impressed with the different training tools that he provided. He ensured that Pepe socialized well with children and other dogs, he showed us how to set boundaries and master the submissive position. Not to mention that he fabulously coached us on being calm and consistent. Josh always eagerly answered our questions and personalized the training to meet all of our needs.  He often stayed well past the hourly sessions-I’m telling you Josh is fantastic! We strongly recommend him to all dog owners!

 Josh, thanks again for all of your hard work! Your guidance has made raising a puppy such a wonderful experience! We are so excited to get started on the Base 1 training. We are really looking forward to working with you again!

Hessam and Amanda

Since the age of 7, I’ve always dreamed about having a dog. This past October, I made my dream come true when I adopted a 2-month-old Rottweiler mix. As soon as I saw Riley and held her in my arms it was love at first sight.

In my dreams, I pictured a puppy that listened to me, behaved and who loved me unconditionally. I was right about the unconditional love, but I’ve never been so wrong about the rest! Riley bit, jumped on the couch, chewed everything in sight and not to mention to countless hours of sleep I lost agonizing over her relentless crying, barking and jumping in her crate. I was desperately looking for a solution. Giving her up wasn’t an option!

April 2011

My yorkie puppy and I have just finished base 1 training with Josh. I am very pleased with the outcome. Over the last 5 weeks, I have seen improvements in my puppy’s behaviour.  Josh is an excellent trainer. Through his approach, he teaches both the puppy and the owner. He is very committed to his job. He often stayed much later during our sessions and was always willing to answer any questions I had during the week. It is evident that he loves what he does.  It was a great learning experience for both me and my puppy. 

I would highly recommend him to anyone!



I want to thank you for the time and effort that you spent with us in Scarlett's training and also patience on the great deal of time spent answering to my gazillion questions. You are firm, gentle and loving to dogs which we saw that right from the start.
I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and will not hesitate to recommend you to others. It's a small world and I hope the word about you filters out.
See you soon in Scarlett's next "stepping stone" (like you say!).
Best regards,

Anna & family

Back in mid May 2012, I stumbled across a Swarm Jam ad in the Montreal Gazette for a special on a one hour in-home dog training session by Canine Education. I had just completed a training course with my then 8 month old Border Collie, Sam.  Though he did learn some basic obedience he still had a lot of behavior issues and I was at my wits end with him. The trainer at the time told me that all Sam's behaviour was due to his breed and it would take a few years for him to settle down.  He barked at every dog, cyclist, stranger, jogger, skate-boarder etc.  that came into his sight.  He also pulled me down the street when we went for walks and the bigger he got the harder it was to handle him.  I went through 2 Haltis and had just invested in a Gentle Leader to help with the walks. 

July 2011

I am impressed with Josh’s training skills. In less than an hour, I saw a noticeable improvement with my Samoyed. I have had dog trainers in the past but many required extensive and fairly complicated techniques in resolving the problem, for this reason, I liked especially the simplicity and practicality of Josh’s techniques, which helped me be more consistent. Josh obviously has extensive knowledge of dog behavior, which helped me to have a better understanding of my dog’s behavior. ​


Oct 2011

We contacted Josh after some friends referred him to us.  We were having serious aggression issues with Medina, our 4 year old Great Dane (children, dog and food).  It became impossible to control her when encountering another dog during our walks.  She would go, what is the technically word I am looking for, oh yes … beserk!!!  Try controlling a 160 pound dog!  It was a pure nightmare when I had my other Dane, Zeus with u.   He soon began to think that this was normal behaviour and decided to support his older sister in her quest of attacking their own kind.  So now I was trying to control almost 350 pounds  of dog.  

He panicked when strangers or new faces came into the house and was becoming more and more uncontrollable. 

I couldn't believe that just all of Sam's issues were simply due to his breed.  When I saw the ad I figured I had nothing to lose but the cost of the lesson.

The first day I met Josh Taylor I knew I had made a wise decision. He listened to all of the problems/issues I was having to cope with and assured me that I would, one day, have a trained and behaved dog.  He told me that Sam appeared to suffer from fear aggression and that in time and with patience he would get much better. He had been taken away from his mother at too young an age ( 5 weeks ) and wasn’t taught the proper social behavior by her. Within 5 minutes, that first day, Josh had Sam at heel and was walking along side him down the street.  I was stunned.  Sam wasn’t afraid of him and stopped barking shortly after his arrival.  I knew at that moment  I had just made one of the best investments of my life.  The hour lesson actually lasted close to 1.5hrs.   He did not rush through the lesson at all and in fact has never rushed through any lesson.  Josh is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, patient and caring.  When he’s not here training Sam he is just a text, phone call or email away to answer any question I may have.   His professionalism is admirable.  I no longer have a dog that requires a Gentle Leader. His walking at heel is getting better & better with every walk. He listens to just about all of my commands. He doesn’t feel the need bark at everything that passes by though he still has issues with certain dogs and skateboards and the occasional cyclist.  However, I am confident that with continued training he will overcome his fears and these issues.  Josh also taught and continues to teach me how to stay calm, assertive and to keep Sam focused. He taught me how to recognize the dog’s body language and how the dog reacts to our own body language & emotions.  His knowledge as a trainer and behaviourist is very impressive.  I have learned more about dogs and their behavior in the past few months than any book or TV show could have ever taught me.   

I want to thank Josh so very, very much for all the time and energy he has spent with me & Sam. He has proven that Sam is, in fact, a very good dog and can be trained quite easily. My only job is to continue with the training taught which I do work on every day.

Without  a doubt,  I recommend Josh to anyone looking for help with their dog.  I don’t think there is a problem or behavior he couldn’t solve.

Thanks again Josh and we look forward to our continued lessons .

Irene & Sam

We contacted Josh after some friends referred him to us.  We were having serious aggression issues with Medina, our 4 year old Great Dane (children, dog and food).  It became impossible to control her when encountering another dog during our walks.  She would go, what is the technically word I am looking for, oh yes … beserk!!!  Try controlling a 160 pound dog!  It was a pure nightmare when I had my other Dane, Zeus with u.   He soon began to think that this was normal behaviour and decided to support his older sister in her quest of attacking their own kind.  So now I was trying to control almost 350 pounds  of dog.  

As mentioned, her other issue was food!  It was at the point that no one wanted to enter the kitchen if her food was on the counter defrosting.  With the exception of my husband and I, she would snap at anyone who tried getting close to it.  The most fearful aspect was her aggression towards children of any age.  She would snap at them when they least expected it.  

Upon his first visit, Josh showed us how to change our every day behaviour to help decrease her dominance.  With his verbal and physical techniques, within the first hour, he was able to walk right into the kitchen, and even play with her food.  Amazing!!!  We saw a difference in Medina by the end of the first session.  It was like we had a totally different dog.  The next session almost had me faint … he brought not only his dog, but also a teenager … Yikes!  By the end of this session, we were able to walk both Danes towards his dog without any hassle, and the teenager was able to handle Medina’s food without any snapping.  By the 5th session, everyone is now free to roam in our house without the fear of being snapped at, and we rediscovered the pleasure of taking walks.  

We have been to other trainers in the past and they all wanted to start with the basic techniques of dog walking.   Medina and Zeus know how to walk on a leash, they know the commands, that was not the issue, and we spent many wasted hours, not to mention money, on sessions that we did not need.  Josh immediately understood the issues and focused on the problems at hand.  Thanks to Josh we now have more calm and balanced dogs.      

Viviane and Jerry

October 2012

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